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The Footballers Network

What is the one thing that all footballers struggle to find? Contacts... Everyone knows that contacts are a crucial part of the footballing world and the more contacts you create, the more opportunities you get. The footballer's network is an exclusive community for high-level athletes and footballers to help each other progress to the next level. The aim is to find like-minded individuals and help each other push to the next level. This may be by giving information about contacts you have, helping with other athletes' training, and nutrition as well as motivating each other to become better athletes! 

Due to this being an exclusive community for high-level athletes the are requirements to enter... 

Below are the basic requirements needed to enter the community. 

1. Fitness Tests - 1 mile run in less than 7 minutes, 3-mile run in less than 23 minutes 

2. Strength Tests - 25 continuous push-ups, 12 continuous pull-ups 

3. Highlight video 

4. Football CV 

If all these requirements are met to the correct level, you will be entered into the community and have full access to the community of the footballer network! Once inside the footballer's network, you will have to earn your spot on a weekly basis. This will be a mixture of engagement in the group as well as weekly challenges that will help improve your footballing/athletic ability.

Join Now!

Fill out the contact form below for a chance to enter the footballer's network!

In the form add why you think you deserve a spot in the footballers network, this should include how you can help other athletes as well as what you want to get out of the community! 

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