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The Off-Season Program SAMPLE

The Off-Season Program SAMPLE


The Offseason is here! This program is perfect for anyone looking to take their athletic ability to the next level before the following season. I have hand-crafted this program to consist of the best and most effective exercises to improve all aspects of an athlete's performance, you will find exercises to improve your speed, agility, strength, power, and fitness as well as many others in this program. The program is split over 8 weeks with more than 40 unique workouts! Every day is split into different categories and the aim for each day. Some days focus more on speed whilst some focus more on speed. 



1. 8-week training program 

2. 40 unique workouts 

3. Speed-focused workouts 

4. Gym workouts focused on improving strength, power, and hypertrophy 

5. Agility-focused workouts 

6. Fitness-focused workouts 

7. Glossary of exercises 

8. Basic understanding of the different training concepts 

9. A Basic understanding of recovery for athletes 

10. Progress sheet to compare your results with mine! 


This is the SAMPLE PLAN - this will only include 1 full training day and part of day 2 

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